I love visiting vegan festival and fairs and I love trying new cruelty-free foods! If you are an animal loving young veggie or vegan or you are just vegan-curious and want to meet other like-minded people to share ideas with and help make a difference to the lives of animals, then do get in touch with us. You can join our forum too and post a question or get involved in a discussion.

Fancy trying your hand in the kitchen? Why not try these great cruelty-free, quick and easy recipes, including Chilli Non Carne, Pancakes and Spicy Bean Burgers!

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Do you know that these celebrities are vegan? Benjamin Zephaniah, Mayim Bialik, Steve-O, Emily Deschanel, Jason Mraz and Venus Williams.

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Hi, I'm Chris and I'm a Youth Contact for EFFA. I'm 16 and I'm studying at Exeter College. I also work Saturdays at Seasons Health Food Shop. I’ve been vegan for over 8 years now. Before that I was vegetarian, but when I found out what happens to chickens and cows I wanted to be vegan straight away.. basically because I don’t like to think of any animals getting hurt or exploited.

Ben, a student from Southampton, writes a great blog called "A Vegan Student" – it’s full of simple recipes and tips about cruelty-free living.
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