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Some of our favourite vegan recipes are presented here. For more great recipe ideas, check out these sites:

Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes
Miriam Sorrell presents a host of truly delicious vegan recipes in her colourful blog - some are Mediterranean inspired, some have an Eastern touch, whilst others are simply inspired by ingredients that she loves and experiments with!

Happy Herbivore
Happy Herbivore is home to more than 100 fat-free and low fat healthy vegan recipes! All with no added fats and mostly whole, unprocessed food. You won't find processed flour, refined sugars, oil or margarine in these recipes. What you will find, however, is food that is good for you and tastes great!

VIVA have put this scrumptious selection of recipes (all 100% animal free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans) together. Something for everyone, from quick and easy dishes to more exotic international delights.

Vegan Village
This is a collection of Vegan Village's favourite vegan recipes. The recipes are mostly quick and easy to make, and they all taste great!

Animal Aid
Treat yourself to some mouth-watering cruelty-free cuisine from Animal Aid's selection of vegetarian recipes. Veggie food is delicious, nutritious and so much easier to make than you'd imagine. All these recipes are suitable for vegans too!

Plamil Foods
Enjoy a great selection of vegan recipes, including pizza, pasties, pies and puddings, brought to you by Plamil.

If you think vegan food is just tired nut roasts and predictable vegetable stir-fries take a look at this tempting menu. Create the perfect picnic, enjoy the warm flavours of Asia or serve up a delicious vegan version of the traditional Sunday roast.

Vegan Family
Pick from a huge range of vegan recipes, all individually printable, from the Vegan Family website